UK CAA CAMO Approval Reflects TGIS Aviation’s Commitment to Client Excellence

UK based engine and aircraft asset management service provider, TGIS Aviation, is pleased to announce the attainment of their UK CAA CAMO approval, a step to enhance their existing service offering to their customers.


For many leasing companies, airline operators and aircraft owners, managing the continuing airworthiness of their aircraft presents significant challenges. These entities often operate fleets of diverse aircraft types across different jurisdictions, each with its own regulatory framework and maintenance requirements. Coordinating maintenance activities, tracking compliance with airworthiness directives, and managing documentation can be complex and time-consuming.  


The attainment of the CAMO approval is an exciting milestone for TGIS and their team. It not only adds a valuable layer of credibility and assurance for their customers but also signifies the company’s responsiveness to the increasingly competitive market landscape. Over the last 23 years, TGIS has developed a strong reputation within the aviation industry due to the exceptional technical expertise of their skilled core team of engineers.


The TGIS CAMO services will offer a fully tailored maintenance plan on behalf of their customers which will minimise downtime and ensure their aircraft remain in optimal airworthy condition. The service will also encompass comprehensive audits to identify any potential risk that could impact the aircraft operations, allowing for proactive mitigation strategies.


Their team of engineers will work closely with each client to update them on all regulatory compliance matters, alleviating the burden of paperwork and inspections, thereby saving time, and preventing potential penalties.


Whilst managing an aircraft’s history can be time consuming and difficult to keep updated, due to limited resource, TGIS provide a streamlined record keeping process which provides easy access to critical information for audits and transactions. Additionally, they will provide data driven insights, which enables the customer to make informed decisions on operational efficiency.


 “We are thrilled to have been awarded our UK CAA CAMO approval, as it allows us to deliver even greater value to our clients by managing the entire process on their behalf,” remarked Charlie Whyman, Managing Director of TGIS. “This approval underscores our commitment to providing comprehensive and efficient solutions to the aviation community.”


In addition to the UK CAA CAMO approval, TGIS is actively awaiting the accreditations for Cayman, Bermudan and San Marino to compliment there UK CAA and 2-Reg (Guernsey) approvals which provides customers with increased flexibility in their choice of registration.


Charlie emphasised, “The forthcoming accreditations for the OTAR’s will significantly amplify our clients’ range of registration options, providing them with increased freedom. We are dedicated to consistently improving our services to meet the evolving needs of our global clientele.”