Management Consultancy

TGIS Aviation Management Consultancy

The TGIS Aviation team brings years of in-depth experience to both private and commercial aviation management with the insight and expertise to deliver effective and continuous improvements to all areas of operations.

We provide tactical and strategic management of aircraft assets and business optimisation. At the core of our consultancy we seek to identify undeveloped opportunities to maximise revenue, expand productivity and reduce costs.


Services include aircraft portfolio management, evaluation and fleet planning, purchase and sales, asset management and financial planning.

Transactional Management

Services include acquisition strategy and negotiation/contracting for purchasing and sales.

Lease Management

With a wide spectrum of lease management services we ensure all aspects of administrative and technical oversight are dealt with in a professional manner, at delivery and during the lease term across a wide range of aircraft types.

Services include technical negotiations, delivery and redelivery, contractual compliance, commercial and operational insurance obligations, valuations and asset repossession.

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