Delivering comprehensive and complete Engine Management services

Engine Management requires extensive knowledge of an exceptionally complex area. TGIS Aviation recognises the importance of thorough planning to minimise Lessor’s and aircraft operator costs while meeting stringent contractual responsibilities.

TGIS Aviation offers a range of solutions and expertise to provide complete aircraft engine management services. Our knowledge of engine contract negotiations includes new engine selection, purchases, and overhaul contracts. Our professional team offers full management of engine and APU overhauls, on-wing engine removal planning, delivery, and redelivery, plus pre-purchase and mid-term audits/inspections, borescope overviews, and engine life-limited part (LLP) back to birth reviews.

Providing cost savings for our clients is at the heart of everything we do. Our engine management services can be tailored to meet our customer’s needs and we are happy to work either individually or as part of a full support package.

We are able to provide extensive engine auxiliary power unit (APU) services including:

  • Shop Visit Management
  • Engine Transitions
  • Engine Fleet Planning Review

Shop Visit Management

TGIS Aviation recognises that the level of support required may vary depending on the timing of the shop visit and the life phase of the engine, contractual conditions within the lease, and the funding of the shop visit costs.

We offer various levels of service for shop visit management to take into account differing requirements.

Engine Transitions

TGIS Aviation provides complete management of the engine transition process through the raising of findings and coordinating responses as required.  We have developed our own bespoke method of record management which affords an easier ongoing due diligence process. The format we have adopted eases the process of future transitions and the sale of engines.

Engine Fleet Planning Review

We provide Engine Fleet Planning Reviews to assist customers with determining the different options at the end of a lease. Our reports assess and present all options allowing the customer to make an informed decision.

CAMO Powerplant Support

TGIS Aviation is able to provide client support for the subcontracting of continuing airworthiness management tasks for powerplant technical services. Through a subcontracted CAMO service agreement, TGIS Aviation is able to manage several engines on behalf of aircraft operators. We combine our twin strengths of technical management and asset management to provide a total support package, comprising of day-to-day engine technical and operational support. 

We additionally assist our clients with engine maintenance cost advice to ensure that any shop visits which occur during the term of the lease take into consideration workscope, maintenance reserves, and redelivery conditions. This is of particular benefit to smaller operators who hold CAMO approval, but seek cost savings with the operational, technical, and lease management of their engine assets.