Case Studies


Following the collapse of a major European operator TGIS represented our client, an international airline, to co-ordinate and secure the delivery of two repossessed A320 aircraft.

Under challenging circumstances, our team of six consultants conducted a detailed audit of the physical aircraft and technical documentation. Both aircraft underwent a heavy maintenance visit, a package of modifications and repaint before successfully being deliverd to the new operator.


TGIS was recently asked to manage an overhaul of a V2500 engine.

Thanks to a rigorous series of workscope adjustments, warranty claims and the sale of parts removed from the engine due to modification upgrades, a saving to the customer of $500,000 was achieved.

Engine management for engine shop visit and insurance claim

A customer requested representation for an engine shop visit and insurance claim management after their engine suffered a surge.

TGIS managed both the workscope and the shop visit of the engine and subsequently went on to support the customer during the technical analysis of the insurance claim. A claim was initially rejected by the insurers.

The engine was mid life at the time of the shop visit. A restoration shop visit had been expected immediately prior to redelivery solely to meet handback conditions. The budgetary cost of this shop visit was $3.5M.

TGIS’s objective was to minimise financial exposure to the customer and maximise the technical value for money by prolonging the time to next shop visit and thereby avoiding the redelivery shop visit. Based on the workscope performed, no shop visit is now anticipated. The cost of the repair shop visit was $1.3M.

In addition, the TGIS investigation into the cause of the surge, confirmed that the event was covered under the airline’s insurance and was awarded a claim for approximately $1M.

As a result of the TGIS engine management during the shop visit, the customer has avoided a $3.5M redelivery shop visit and successfully claimed $1M from the insurers.

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