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Continuing Airworthiness
Management Services

Why choose TGIS Aviation for your
Continuing Airworthiness Management Services?

We’ll help you overcome the following challenges:

  • Shortage of Technical Expertise:This shortage can lead to increased operational risks and regulatory non-compliance, making it crucial for airlines to partner with an experienced CAMO provider. Members of the core team at TGIS Aviation each has over 35 years experience in the industry and have worked for Operators, OEMs, Lessors and Asset Managers – so you can be sure you’ll be in safe hands.
  • High Competition: With a saturated market of CAMO organisations, finding a reliable partner who can deliver exceptional value is critical. TGIS has been around for over 23 years and has built its reputation on reliability and doing difficult things well. The team prides itself on being proactive in identifying challenges and presenting solutions to avoid delays and unexpected costs.
  • High Volume of Work: Technical teams are under a huge amount of pressure to maintain compliance, manage maintenance requirements and proactively find solutions that can keep risk and costs down as much as possible. We offer flexible CAMO and Powerplant services so that you can pick and choose what to outsource making your life easier.
  • Cost Pressures: Balancing the need for rigorous maintenance with cost efficiency is a persistent concern. TGIS employ a team of commercially-minded and highly skilled engineers and specialists meaning you will gain a partner that’s always got your best interests at heart and will work with you to keep your costs down whilst maintaining a high standard of regulatory compliance.


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Our CAMO Approvals


2-REG (Guernsey)




TGIS offer both full and subcontract CAMO Services for Commercial Airlines, Leasing Companies and Private Aircraft owners including:

  • CAMO Overflow Support – Let us support you with a flexible range of CAMO tasks to help you and your team manage your fleet and the volume of work
  • Full CAMO Support – let us be your CAMO Team
  • Specialist Powerplant support – We can work with your CAMO Team
  • CAMO Support for Aircraft Transition and Repossession – when you need an agile and experienced team and flexibility in your choice of registration

CAMO Services you can TRUST will be delivered to the HIGHEST Standard

  • We can work WITH your CAMO Team and the rules, regulations and procedures held within your CAME or
  • We can act AS your CAMO Team, using our Approvals, and procedures within our CAME

CAMO Overflow Support Service

When you need extra hands to manage specific CAMO tasks.

  • Customised Task Management: Select specific CAMO functions for us to handle.
  • Flexible Scheduling: Support for daily, weekly, and monthly tasks.

Services Include (but not limited to)

  • AD/SB Reviews
  • Structural Repairs
  • Warranty Assessments
  • Defect Control
  • Modification Project Management
  • Workscopes and Work Orders
  • Component Monitoring
  • Landing Gear Management

CAMO Support for your Powerplant Team

Specialised care for your aircraft’s engines and APUs. We can work with your CAMO team and in line with the rules and regulations detailed within your CAMO and procedures.

  • Engine Condition Monitoring: Regular analysis of engine performance data.
  • Maintenance Programme Management: Tailored engine maintenance schedules.
  • Shop Visit Coordination: Overseeing engine overhauls and repairs.
  • Technical Records Management: Detailed documentation of engine activities.

Full CAMO Service

Comprehensive airworthiness management for your entire fleet. We can either work under your AOC and CAMO Approval or one of our own approvals.

  • Complete Airworthiness Oversight: Full management of all CAMO functions.
  • Integrated Maintenance Planning: Coordinating all maintenance activities.
  • Regulatory Compliance: Ensuring continuous adherence to all aviation regulations.
  • Liaison with Authorities: Managing communications with regulatory bodies.
  • Technical Records Management: Maintaining meticulous records of all maintenance actions.

Our most Frequently Asked Questions:

Where is your team based?

We have a core team based at our offices in Derbyshire, UK as well as a remote team of specialists based around the world.

What types of engines can you support?

We can support ALL commercial engines as we employ a highly specialised Powerplant team.

What types of aircraft can you support?

We can support ALL commercial aircraft as we employ a highly specialised team

How long has TGIS been around for?

TGIS was formed in 2002 by Engine expert, Trish Gray and Aircraft expert, Ian Smith and has since grown to a team of highly specialised experts in Engine and Aircraft Asset Management. Each member of the core team has over 35 years experience working for Airlines, OEMs, Leasing companies and financiers.